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I should go mad if this state of wonders were to continue...'

Baron Alexander von Humboldt (1799) during his first stay in a rain forest

It is the incredible diversity, the countless variations of life in tropical ecosystems which impressed me most during my studies of tropical biology. Even after months in the same area, each day brings surprises: a bizarre looking insect I never saw before, the splendid flower of an orchid, or the beauty of the feeding pattern of a caterpillar on a backlit leaf. Just a window into the thousands and thousands of little stories which as a whole make a forest function.

'It is the most important task for the 21 st Century to save and protect the biological diversity of our planet'

Edward O. Wilson 1991

Unfortunately, all this beauty is at the present moment very much in danger. I had the chance to experience the disturbing fact in theory and - much more touching - in reality in several areas around the world.

Most of the worlds remaining forests are shrinking islands surrounded by oceans of wastelands and plantations. Every day, dozens, maybe hundreds of species disappear forever from the face of earth due to human activities. If we don't change our treatment for what remains of our natural environment, we will be loosing more then half of all remaining species within the next 50 years. Such a loss will have severe consequences, also for the human race.

With my photographic work I hope to contribute a small part in making the necessity of such a change understandable. By trying to give these complex systems faces and by sharing my personal perspective on the beauty and magic of nature, I hope to help people understand the importance of conserving the biological diversity on our planet.

I think it is time to include respect for nature in our ethics and if we do so, there is a chance to save natures beauty and magic for the ones coming after us.


              Christian Ziegler

ImageChristian's photographic goal is to show species in their natural environment in the context of the whole ecosystem. He also specializes in portraying biological and other research being conducted in the field.

Christian's interest in ecology and natural history combined with his background of biology, especially of the tropics, enable him to cover typical situations of the life history of animals and the countless ways how different species interact with one another. This knowledge allows Christian to reduce the distance between the photographer and the subject resulting in images that show nature in a very personal and private way.

With this mixture of information and aesthetic, Christian hopes to create fascination and interest in nature's magic and secrets. Christian believes images of nature are a powerful tool in that they may change people's minds in how they perceive nature's value and thereby fertilize the needed change in the way we treat our environment.
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