GEO Magazine: Balsa Story 1. 4. 2014

A photo essay on the Balsa tree, a key stone species in the forests of Central America, can be seen in GEO magazines April issue.


See the photo gallery here.

World Press Photo – 3rd price for Bonobo story 20. 2. 2014

Christian is excited and honored to receive third price in the wildlife and nature stories category for his photo essay about Bonobos, or closest living relatives.


See the portfolio here.

SONY World Photography Award – shortlist for carnivorous plant portfolio 15. 2. 2014

Christian’s photo essay on the carnivorous pitcher plants of Asia, photographed for GEO magazine, has been announced to be on the shortlist of the professional Sony World Photography Awards (Nature & Wildlife). The winning images will be presented on April 30th in London.

National Geographic: Wildlife of the World on private jet 10. 2. 2014

Christian joins an exclusive three week wildlife experience as the on-board photography expert for a group of 65 travellers going to Rwanda, the Maldives, Borneo, China, Nepal, Madagascar, and South Africa.

GEO Magazine: Plants with an attitude – pitcher plants of Asia 15. 1. 2014

Christians story on Asia’s pitcher plants has been published in GEO (2/2014).

See the online version of the story here.

Field trip to Kansanka/ Zambia 22. 11. 2013

Christian joined an international team of scientists, lead by the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology/ Radolfzell for a field trip to study fruit bats and their movement in the biggest known aggregation of mammals on the planet, a seasonal colony of estimated 10 million bats.

Nature Conservancy Magazine: Green Swamp Preserve 1. 11. 2013

A photo essay on the diverse community of carnivorous plants in the Green Swamp Preserve in North Carolina – one of the few places where three types of carnivorous plants co-exist, has been published in the Nature Conservancies magazine. See the online version here.


Field trip to Bhutan 15. 10. 2013

Christian joined a team of scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology/ Radolfzell for an explorative visit to Bhutan, to meet collaborators and discuss the amazing research potential of the unspoiled nature of the kingdom.

Christian featured in ‘Masters of Nature Photography’ book 1. 10. 2013

Christian is excited to be one of 10 photographers to be featured in a new book of the Natural History Museum: ‘Masters of Nature Photography’, written by Roz Kidman Cox. See a review from ‘The Telegraph’ here.

Field trip to Borneo 1. 9. 2013

Christian will spend weeks in Sabah and Brunei for an assignment to photography Asian pitcher plants for GEO Magazine. He will join scientists in the field in coastal swamp forests and on the slopes of the mighty Mount Kinabalu to find rare species and document their unique interactions with various animals.

National Geographic Magazine – story about the Southern Cassowary 23. 8. 2013

Christian’s story about the endangered Southern Cassowary has been published in the September issue of National Geographic Magazine. Check out the photo essay here, and read the story, written by Olivia Judson.

Research Expedition to Kolguyev/ Russia 8. 8. 2013

Christian joined a team of the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology/ Radolfzell for a research expedition to the remote island of Kolguyev, in the Berent Sea. He documented the scientists applying a new type of GPS data loggers to geese in order to better understand their migration behavior.

Bonobo story in National Geographic 17. 2. 2013

Christians images of endangered bonobos, the result of 3 months of field work in the Congo basin of DRC, have been published along with an essay by David Quammen in the march issue of National Geographic Magazine. See the images and read the text.


First prize at World Press Photo Contest 15. 2. 2013

I am very excited to have won the Nature single image category of World Press with an image of a cassowary which I took on a recent assignment for National Geographic.


Please see the World Press page here.

Fossils in La Guajira/ Colombia 15. 2. 2013
Christian just returned from an expedition led by Carlos Jaramillo of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute to discover fossils on the remote dessert peninsular of La Guajira in northern Colombia.

Field trip to Queensland 15. 12. 2012
Christian just returned from the last of three field trips to northern Queensland. He spent a total of three months on assignment for National Geographic Magazine to document a highly endangered species. More soon in the magazine.

Ranger Rick Photographer of the Year ! 17. 5. 2012
Christian is very excited and honored to have been named Ranger Rick Photographer of the Year. For many years he has enjoyed working with this fabolous kids magazine, a medium that he finds very important since it reaches young people and gets them excited for nature and conservation. Anyone with kids should get Ranger Rick, it is really the best out there and a great fun way to teach them about nature.

Website for National Geographic photographers - ThePhotoSociety.org 8. 1. 2012
See the profiles of Christian and other contributing photographers to National Geographic Magazine.

Smithsonian publishes a new edition of A MAGIC WEB 31. 12. 2011

Celebrating 100 years of research and exploration in Panama, the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute has published a second, updated edition of A Magic Web, a coffee table book about the processes that shape tropical forests, using Barro Colorado Island as an example. Author Egbert Leigh has updated the text while Christian exchanged some 50 images. The book will soon be available at the STRI book store and on amazon.

Deceptive Beauties - book on wild orchids is published 27. 10. 2011

University of Chicago Press published Christians book "Deceptive Beauties- the world of wild orchids ". The coffee table book with an introduction from Michael Pollan, and a foreword by Natalie Angier shows natural orchid species from 5 continents and gives a broad overview of orchids natural history, ecology, and evolution, including their fascinating pollination biology.

Back from the Congo Basin 26. 10. 2011

Christian and his team returned from the last of three trips to the Democratic Republic of Congo to complete a  story for National Geographic Magazine. Working closely with scientists, Christian documented a rare endangered species which is endemic to the jungles of the Congo basin. See the magazine story next year....

Smithsonian Magazine cover story 16. 6. 2011

Christians images from El Mirador, a Mayan site where spectacular archeological findings have been made recently in the middle of the largest forest in meso maerica,  illustrate the May issue cover story of Smithsonian Magazine. Read the story written by Chip Brown , and see photos of the artifacts and the fascinating wildlife of El Mirador .

Cantina Ochroma - open all night 16. 6. 2011

Christians photo essay on the variety of animals visiting the large nectar rich flowers of the Balsa tree in Panama, got published in National Geographic Magazine in the May 2011 issue, along with words by Natalie Angier. Click here to read the story , see the photo gallery, and watch a video.

Award of excellence in POYi 16. 4. 2011

Christian's image of a pollen dusted kinkajou in a Balsa tree won and award in this years Picture of the Year competition, a peer reviewed annual photo contest. See and read about the image here .

Orchid on NPR weekend edition 23. 8. 2009
A portfolio of Christians images of orchid pollinators has been posted on NPR's website to accompany a conversation of reknown Michael Pollan, the author of the orchid pollinator essay, with Scott Simon for NPRs 'Weekend edition'. See NPRs feature here.

Orchid story published in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE 21. 8. 2009
Christian's global photo essay on orchids and their pollinators, photographed over the last two years in Central America, Borneo, Italy, and Australia, has been published in the September issue of National Geographic Magazine. See the online photo show , and the article by Michael Pollan .

Christian's MIMICRY on NPR 11. 8. 2009

NPR's 'The picture show' is featuring Christians work on mimicry today.

See the feature here.

The Art of Deception in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE 1. 8. 2009

Christians photo essay on mimicry and camouflage in rain forests around the world has been published in the August issue of National Geographic Magazine with an essay written by Natalie Angier.


See the National Geographic photo gallery   , an online interactive , or the online article .

LOOK 3: The Art of deception in “SHOTS” 1. 6. 2009
Christians presentation “The Art of Deception: Mimicry and camouflage” based on his photo essay for National Geographic Magazine, was shown in “Shots” at the LOOK 3 festival in Charlottesville.

Wild Wonders of Europe 30. 5. 2009

Christian just returned from a 10 day visit to the Peloponnese in southern Greece, where he documented the interesting reptiles and amphibians of the region.

Photo gallery is soon to come on www.wild-wonders.com

Story on botanical observation plots in National Wildlife 1. 1. 2009
A comparative photo essay on three large scale observation plots (50 hektars) of the Smithsonian Institution in Panama, Borneo, and Thailand has been published by National Wildlife in the January 2009 issue. See the online story here.

Christian 2009 Grand Prize winner ... 1. 12. 2008

.....of the National Wildlife Federations Photo contest. Christians image of a fishing bat in Panama was chosen from over 55.000 submitted photographs.

See the photo gallery of all winning images. 

Camera trap story in National Wildlife Magazine 1. 8. 2008

Christians photo essay and story on using camera traps in tropical rain forests has been featured in National Wildlife magazine.

See the National Wildlife online story.


The story of the Boiko RAVE (Rapid assessment Visual Expedition), initiated by the International League of Conservations Photographers (ILCP) and sponsored by National Geographic Magazine and Conservation International, is published in this months NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE. Christian and three of his collegues from National Geographic Magazine embarked on a 3 week expedition to a remote vulcanic Caldera on Bioko Island/ Equatorial Guinea. The island is home to 11 primate species, 7 of which are endemic to Bioko and all of which are acutely threatened by bush meat hunting. See the online story ,an additional gallery of Christians images , a video and the ILCP press release.

The Nature Consercancy Magazine 5. 7. 2008
Christian's story on the archaic Horseshorcrab is the cover story of the summer issue of The Nature Conservancy Magazine. See the online feature   or a slide show on the TNC website.

GEO Italy 5. 7. 2008
GEO Italy has published two of Christians stories in spring 2008: an extensive photo essay on tropical snakes and a science story on the interesting life history of Green Iguanas.

Field season 2008 in Panama, Italy, Costa Rica, and Australia 5. 3. 2008
Christian has taken off to Panama to start of a long field season that will bring him to Central America, Italy, and Asutralia from now until late September for a National Geographic assignment and a museum project.

Bat story wins price at POYi 2008 5. 3. 2008
Christians photo essay on tropical bat wins "award of excellence" in the category Natural History/Science story in the prestigious Picture of the Year international photo contest. See the portfolio.

Christian participates in RAVE in Equatorial Guinea 29. 1. 2008
As part of a RAVE (Rapid assessment Visual Expedition), initiated by the International League of Conservations Photographers (ILCP) and sponsored by National Geographic Magazine and Conservation International, Christian and three of his collegues from National Geographic Magazine embarked on a 3 week expedition to a remote vulcanic Caldera on Bioko Island/ Equatorial Guinea. The island is home to 11 primate species, 7 of which are endemic to Bioko and all of which are acutely threatened by bush meat hunting. The story will be published later this year in National Geographic Magazine.

Christian wins prize in BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year 30. 10. 2007

 Christians image of a fishing bat capturing a prey item was runner-up in the mammal behavior of the prestigious BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. He joined the other winners for the award ceremony at the Natural History Museum in London on Oct 25. Click here for the BBC winner gallery. 

European Nature Photographer of the year 5. 10. 2007

Christians image of caterpillars wins the categoy "Natures Studio".

see Christians winning image.

Christian in Costa Rica, Borneo, and Panama 5. 7. 2007
Christian spends 5 months this summer travelling to various rainforest locations for two assignments of National Geographic Magazine. Panama, Costa Rica, Borneo and mainland Malaysia are on the agenda.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC features Christian's Panamanian Bats 18. 5. 2007

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE published an online feature story on Neotropical Bats - also to be found printed in the June edition of the magazine.

It took Christian and his team several months to show these fascinating flying critters in their real environment, demonstrating their behaviors and adaptations to an extremly competitive living in the rain forests of Panama.

see online feature at National Geographic...

see Christians online Gallery:


Mangrove story wins Chinese Photo journalism prize 10. 5. 2007

Christians story on the threatened mangrove ecosystem, published in GEO magazine in June 2006 won first prize in the "Nature and Environment' category of the Chinese International Press Photo contest (CHIPP).

see the CHIPP portfolio

see the story 

Frog story wins second price at POYi 16. 3. 2007

Christian's story on the love and live of Red-Eyed Tree Frogs, published in the November issue of National Geograpic Magazine, won second price in the prestigious "Pictures of the Year International" competition, in the "nature and sciencce story' category. 

see POY online portfolio  

Red-eyed Tree Frog feature in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 24. 10. 2006

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE published a feature story on the facinating live of the Red-eyed Tree Frog. Christians photographs show interesting aspects of the frogs living and breeding.

see online feature at National Geographic

Mangroves in GEO 2. 6. 2006

Christian’s photo story featuring the natural history and dramatic threat to the mangrove ecosystem in Belize has been published in GEO’s June issue.

see online feature  or

online photo show 

Annual meeting of German Tropcial Ecology Association 24. 2. 2006
Christian delivers key note at annual meeting of the German Tropical Biology Association and opens an accompanying exhibition: A Magic Web.

Red-eyed Tree Frog in GEOlino 24. 11. 2005
The German Youth Magazine published Christians story on the exciting night life of red-eyed tree frogs.

Army Ants in Ranger Rick Magazine 13. 11. 2005
The Wildlife Federations Youth Magazine published Christians story on Army Ants and tells about the crawly army in Panamas woods.

Ocelot feature story in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 1. 11. 2005

The prestigious National Geographic published Christians’ s story on ocelots in the rainforests of Panama on which he worked for more then 6 months during the last year. To be able to capture scenes from the life of this elusive cat, Christian and his team used digital camera traps that were specially designed for this project.

see online feature at National Geographic 

Christian named fellow of the ICLP 31. 10. 2005

Christian named fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers. The International League of Conservation Photographers (ICLP) was founded following a week long meeting and discussions of about 150 photo professionals whose work is driven a by conservation agenda in Anchorage/ Alaska. It is the groups goal to further the cause of photography used in a conservation context and to increase communication between photographers, conservation groups and other image users. The ICLP also will engage in large scale projects to draw attention to relevant issues.

More on www.iclp.org

Exhibition in Viterbo/Italy 21. 9. 2005
Christian was invited as one of 30 international photojournalists to participate in a XXX, an event to feature environment and photojournalism organized by Lello Piazza in the Italian town of Viterbo. The 30 photographic exhibits featured the natural as well as the human environment in diverse ways while social scientists gathered for discussions and talks.

Army Ants in National Wildlife 23. 8. 2005
Christians story on the fascinating life history and interesting research done in Panama on Army ants was published in the magazine of the National Wildlife Federation.

Naturfoto 3. 8. 2005
A photo essay on the Jasmund National Park was published in the German Photography magazine.

GEO Spain 5. 6. 2005

GEO’s Spanish edition published a story on Barro Colorado’s Research station, its natural history and cutting edge science.

TERRA Magazine 21. 5. 2005
The German travel and adventure magazine published Christians photo story on bat researchers in Panama with an accompanying text written by Claus-Peter Lieckfeld.

Grand Reportages features Barro Colorado Island 17. 5. 2005

The French magazine published an illustrated feature of Christians in its special issue on ‘mystical islands’.

Natural Moment, Natural History Magazine 13. 5. 2005
Natural History published Christians image of a pseudoscorpion using a large beetle to hitchhike between trees in the magazines ‘The Natural Moment’ department.

Mankind and Nature 2. 4. 2005

The Chinese magazine published Christians story on Green Iguanas.

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